How To Get Roblox On Chromebook (2016 Update) [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – yo whats up youtube war nation X here and today i'll be doing my updated
00:00:08 – tutorial of how to give roblox on from book
00:00:14 – the last reason I'm doing this tutorial is that the last one got patched the
00:00:20 – left side routers that decided to take it off so i decided to figure out
00:00:26 – another way
00:00:28 – so yeah so what you guys want to do is follow my steps
00:00:32 – so what you got to do is open your browser and refresh you want to go to
00:00:43 – browser stacks
00:00:44 – so what you have to do is make an account making the count now go here
00:00:50 – so now you're here guys not you're here now you get the obvious going to be you
00:00:56 – – you have to use chrome guys
00:00:59 – so you can go to your right yes tonight and have to use chrome ok so next which
00:01:06 – guys have to do is pretty simple
00:01:09 – you have to type in hola and URL and then click the first website should be
00:01:18 – the person that applied to click start and this you should download the hola
00:01:25 – extension
00:01:26 – yeah after you have the old line extension
00:01:31 – did you open the one for you still get it it should down automatically
00:01:35 – downloaded for you
00:01:36 – so next you have to click the extension and then you have to type in www
00:01:46 – roblox the cup
00:01:52 – i'm going to click / games I'm just last games and just hit anything
00:02:01 – you can work
00:02:08 – open you have to help me w walks
00:02:24 – sighs games
00:02:30 – I'll be right back guys
00:02:37 – I'll be ready so i bought the guys some reason why it wasn't working was because
00:02:44 – the the website kind of is messed up
00:02:50 – yeah that's going to hola tapping ola start and click Add extinction
00:02:59 – excellent see you guys you will add the extension did it take you to its website
00:03:06 – is open a new tab you can close the website
00:03:10 – so next you do you can unblock minecraft
00:03:15 – oh yeah i'll show you what would happen if i go to wall blocks regular leave
00:03:21 – this weapon did this they block this page because too many people have been
00:03:25 – using it so all you guys want me to make the update video so see ya now you click
00:03:33 – click there and it will not type in www . world blocks
00:03:40 – naw Kham / games so
00:04:05 – so are you guys about that
00:04:12 – well it seems like i fixed it so yeah
00:04:16 – so guys he i am in wall blocks I after you get in it
00:04:21 – I'm gonna look your grip your latte would disappear
00:04:25 – so you can log in if you want you can log in if you but I'm not gonna pick out
00:04:37 – a song in you guys send me a photo of course if you want the answer
00:04:51 – log into your account and you gotta see it is unblocked
00:04:58 – so let's go in the a quick game
00:05:03 – so let's go on a quick game guys it's going to cool game
00:05:08 – roblox on model so we'll load up
00:05:15 – download and install if you guys do
00:05:21 – click friends your friend list it will not work and friendless will not work
00:05:28 – oh no why what is that
00:05:31 – block block no work
00:05:35 – I tried and tried it and try to see ya is this club is do what I do
00:05:40 – multiplication open configuring well blocks
00:05:47 – you have to go full screen
00:05:52 – guys we have to go full screen if you guys doing that
00:05:57 – close this
00:06:02 – play for your blocks
00:06:07 – well you just gotta figure
00:06:11 – roblox two times at a blog
00:06:21 – hi guys is click play
00:06:40 – all right now starting blocks guys sorry I thought something was wrong so he was
00:06:48 – going to freeze
00:06:50 – oh this is a glitch
00:06:53 – I guess I'm now a number i guess but this English guys but as you guys can
00:07:09 – see it is working and functioning is working is working and watching you
00:07:28 – perfectly
00:07:31 – you guys can see it works
00:07:42 – so you breaking John works was a glass turn we rushed to me doing it
00:07:56 – well guys hope you guys and joy
00:08:00 – this i will be uploading some gameplay later –
00:08:23 – i will be uploading some be bleh
00:08:28 – today later what we are loading some being later
00:08:49 – good i will be later later today out
00:09:00 – upload tongue
00:09:19 – – if it is working
00:09:25 – nice i guess im gonna end up the video right here
00:09:29 – yeah hope you guys enjoy this updated video please like comment subscribe
00:09:35 – maybe if this video can get like five lights i'll upload another video and at
00:09:43 – least 20 wheels
00:09:45 – see ya guys hope you guys enjoy this video this is updated 2016 update guys
00:09:50 – 2016 working right now guys all right
00:09:59 – yeah before I in the video to show you guys at this was a scam and this
00:10:05 – actually worked
00:10:07 – I'll be doing
00:10:29 – yeah I so we got us a new scam
00:10:42 – I'm doing my graph right now
00:10:47 – he had to Mike and Matt OS geology
00:11:07 – clip
00:11:18 – well I guess
00:11:27 – or the guests after work huh
00:11:32 – well this robots were you guys enjoyed the video please like comment and
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00:11:41 – – I double my intro video and I was lazy piece

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