play game when you lose internet – chrome browser [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – hi guys today I will show you how to
00:00:03 – play a simple game when you lose
00:00:05 – internet connection so first you will
00:00:08 – see when you lose internet connection
00:00:11 – you will see a picture of a dinosaur
00:00:13 – that is staying so so so I think no one
00:00:18 – barely know know how to this is a real
00:00:21 – real game so and we have so n we have
00:00:25 – Roger some internet so i'll show you how
00:00:29 – we are how to play first we have to
00:00:33 – press the spacebar so when you press
00:00:37 – press the spacebar you'll see the
00:00:39 – dinosaurs moving now now press the
00:00:45 – spacebar when you see these cactus or
00:00:49 – other objects and and this game is
00:00:54 – forever yeah not yeah so yeah so yeah
00:01:04 – that's it so when you move internet it
00:01:13 – or you get internet connection and you
00:01:16 – see you like to play something from play
00:01:19 – a game just go just go to internet and
00:01:22 – you just press the spacebar and you play
00:01:25 – a game or we use or Rogers instant color
00:01:29 – interest so we get this we Lucia winter
00:01:33 – nights so I get bored so I play this
00:01:35 – game so that's it

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