How to add a chrome browser user account [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – I so John Mack here I've been asked by
00:00:05 – several people if they can manage other
00:00:07 – people's realizing accounts on their
00:00:10 – computer that may be husband and wife or
00:00:13 – somebody's dealing with somebody's
00:00:16 – account that isn't computer literate and
00:00:19 – you just can't get their heads around it
00:00:21 – so I think I've found a solution so we
00:00:24 – might want to try it out so I'm in
00:00:27 – Google Chrome here and I'm actually
00:00:30 – logged in with one of my accounts but if
00:00:33 – you go here and then go to settings
00:00:34 – you'll see down here you can have
00:00:39 – different people able to log in with
00:00:45 – with chrome and as their own setup as it
00:00:52 – were so what I'm going to do here I'll
00:00:55 – set several people up so I'm going to
00:00:57 – add a person right and what am I going
00:01:01 – to call that person let's call them
00:01:04 – there's Panther for our legacy and okay
00:01:10 – so I'm going to add them right and what
00:01:14 – should I give them a ID or something
00:01:18 – some description so you click Add why
00:01:24 – what's happened is I've got a new
00:01:25 – browsers open boo you see we found her
00:01:28 – at the top here so stick a clean browser
00:01:31 – it doesn't have any of the stuff that
00:01:33 – mine is got in it you know like all
00:01:35 – these add-ons and things so let's go
00:01:38 – here we've got Fanta and what I'm going
00:01:41 – to do now is I'm going to log them in or
00:01:44 – sign them into Chrome so this will be
00:01:46 – debt that person's own chrome account in
00:01:53 – chrome so I'm sorry farms being a bit
00:01:56 – jerky but it's just I'll not done this
00:02:00 – before so it's I'm just having to think
00:02:04 – on my feet about the terminology so I've
00:02:07 – got to log them in with their email
00:02:09 – address so that could be anybody Uncle
00:02:11 – Ben or whatever
00:02:12 – this is a an email that i ked up to
00:02:16 – something out of it while ago so on just
00:02:19 – put that email address you and you could
00:02:22 – put at gmail com but you don't need to
00:02:24 – redeem a long as the gmail account and
00:02:27 – then there you go next when you put your
00:02:30 – password in and next and they are you
00:02:39 – logged in as that person than you are
00:02:41 – now signed in to Chrome and it tells you
00:02:44 – a few things but those are setting to
00:02:49 – see what happens there okay so you've
00:02:51 – got all of that sort of stuff going on
00:02:54 – in the background but that's irrelevant
00:02:55 – for this so I'm going to go okay and now
00:03:01 – you can see this is still kind of on my
00:03:03 – computer but this is a completely
00:03:05 – separate account with that we've got
00:03:08 – here so if I just minimize that you'll
00:03:11 – see that I've got all the on it and this
00:03:13 – was the purpose of this is to get all T
00:03:16 – in there so we're in settings so but I
00:03:20 – want to go now too Oggy Oggy calm all
00:03:30 – night actually do i do I want to do that
00:03:33 – that's not now I don't so I'm going to
00:03:36 – do is go through chrome web store and
00:03:45 – I'm searching for extension so i'm going
00:03:47 – to write author in there and then just
00:03:51 – hit return now I've got the author
00:03:54 – chrome extension in so i can add this to
00:03:56 – chrome now that I was in my own account
00:04:00 – it would tell me that it's already there
00:04:01 – so I'm adding the extension you'll see
00:04:04 – it appear up here and there we have it
00:04:07 – okay so what you have to do then when
00:04:11 – you you close that you click on that and
00:04:14 – they'll ask you to download the app
00:04:16 – so I've already got the app on my
00:04:18 – computer but you have to do it so to get
00:04:21 – this to go live so you download all
00:04:26 – right and you click again add home add
00:04:31 – app
00:04:37 – just doing this thing you just have to
00:04:40 – wait a second of here then it opens up
00:04:43 – your app and there it is it's in there
00:04:45 – so now what I do is I can click on that
00:04:48 – now if you put that person that you're
00:04:52 – trying to cover to this like your wife
00:04:54 – if you would just put her cell phone or
00:04:57 – telephone number in there you know
00:04:59 – select your country of course easy way
00:05:01 – to do that instead of scrolling down is
00:05:03 – just to write it in so you want the
00:05:09 – United Kingdom's I've done that side to
00:05:12 – simply shoe that and then put the cell
00:05:16 – membrane and click ok now what will have
00:05:19 – to happen is that person will have to
00:05:22 – have all T on their cell phone or their
00:05:24 – mobile phones and this will allow this
00:05:28 – app to sync with their phone so and then
00:05:34 – we go through the setup process on their
00:05:36 – wealth rising account to get them set up
00:05:42 – so you can log into their account if you
00:05:43 – know there's a lot of security on the
00:05:46 – account now so that's a way to help
00:05:48 – other people your spouse your children
00:05:51 – perhaps and or friends that are just
00:05:56 – they're not computer literate and just
00:05:59 – can't get their heads around it but they
00:06:00 – they want to take part in this to some
00:06:03 – extent so that's it and I think that's
00:06:06 – all I need to show you on this video and
00:06:08 – that's the main thing you just going to
00:06:13 – set the phone up and then then you'll
00:06:15 – you'll see the yep proper after that ok
00:06:20 – I'm going to end the recording there and
00:06:23 – maybe i'll do another bit outers do the
00:06:27 – security for or things that you set up a
00:06:30 – master password

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