[#3] Install Chrome Browser [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – Hi there, Thank you some much for joining this course.
00:00:04 – I’m so excited to start working with you…
00:00:07 – and creating that amazing modern responsive website together.
00:00:10 – In this video, we will take the very first step which is to install the internet browser.
00:00:16 – We are going to download Google Chrome browser so we get it setup on the computer.
00:00:22 – There are several browsers available on the internet like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
00:00:29 – You can use any of your favorite browser, there is no such restriction for browser.
00:00:34 – But I will prefer to use Google Chrome browser…
00:00:37 – because Google chrome browser is designed to be fast, simple, secure and built for modern web.
00:00:44 – I have already downloaded and installed Google chrome on my system.
00:00:48 – Right now, I’m using Google Chrome browser…
00:00:51 – and you can download and install it on your system very easily.
00:00:56 – To download Google chrome browser, go to this address…
00:01:00 – and click on this blue download button and it will start downloading the chrome browser for you.
00:01:06 – Go ahead and install it on your system.
00:01:09 – And I will see you in next video. Thanks

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